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We’re all doing our best to adapt to the changes that generative AI has unleashed on the SEO world. 

Why navigate the complexities of generative AI in SEO by yourself when you can actively harness the collective expertise of seasoned SEO professionals on topics such as:

  • Whether they’ve implemented generative AI and the reasons behind it.
  • Which SEO aspects have shown the most improvement using AI.
  • What concerns they have regarding generative AI.

We've surveyed over 700 enterprise SEO experts to uncover the impact of generative AI, from the challenges it poses to the remarkable ways it's enhancing SEO efforts.

These insights will empower you to steer your own internal discussions regarding generative AI more effectively.

Let’s dive in.


Key Takeaways

  • 86.07% of respondents have integrated AI into their SEO strategy.
  • 83% of respondents from companies with 200+ employees reported improved SEO performance since incorporating AI.
  • 82% of enterprise SEOs plan to invest more in AI.
  • Top concerns and challenges SEOs have about using generative AI are content quality and authenticity (65.14%) as well as data security and privacy (58.64%). 
  • When choosing to use a particular AI solution, SEOs prioritize accurate and reliable insights the most.
  • The most common way AI has impacted the size and structure of enterprise SEO teams is by restructuring roles and responsibilities.


86% of Enterprise SEOs Currently Use GenAI

86.07% of respondents stated that they have integrated AI technologies or tools into their SEO strategy. 

Content optimization, keyword research, and content generation were cited as the most common use cases.

Gen AI and SEO Survey_Q10.2

Other use cases reported that weren’t originally listed include:

  • Comparing content to competitor content in an attempt to quantify why certain pieces might perform better for SEO.
  • Generating development tickets from user stories and acceptance criteria.
  • Automating strategy planning using generative AI.

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Generative AI Has Improved SEO Performance

When it comes to SEO performance, 83% of respondents at companies with 200+ employees reported improved SEO performance since incorporating AI. 

Only 6.22% of total respondents reported seeing no improvement with the rest stating it is too soon to tell or they haven’t used it yet.

Content creation and optimization as well as on-page analysis and recommendations were cited as the aspects of SEO that have shown the most significant improvements (saving time, driving results, etc.) with AI.

Gen AI and SEO Survey_Q13.2



GenAI’s Greatest Enhancement to SEO:

Automating Repetitive SEO Tasks

When asked how generative AI could enhance their current SEO efforts in the future, most SEO Leads and Managers (66.85%) believe that generative AI's greatest enhancement to their strategies lies in automating repetitive SEO tasks.

Only 4.09% of enterprise SEOs stated that they didn’t believe generative AI could enhance SEO in any way.
- Generative AI in SEO Survey  |  seoClarity, October 2023


Gen AI and SEO Survey_Q2.2


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SEOs Plan to Invest More In Generative AI

82% of enterprise SEOs plan to invest more in AI for SEO in the future with the primary objectives of improving overall SEO performance and automating repetitive tasks to save time.

Gen AI and SEO Survey_Q17.2


Top Considerations When Investing in GenAI:

Accuracy and Reliability 

When choosing to use a particular AI solution, results show that SEOs prioritize the accuracy and reliability of insights (64.48%) over all other factors.

Gen AI and SEO Survey_Q14.2


seoClarity is the leader in AI-driven enterprise SEO technology and has over a decade-long track record of providing accurate and reliable data to help SEOs prioritize and execute strategies more effectively using AI.


Enterprise SEOs Trust ChatGPT the Most

When it comes to which LLM enterprise SEOs currently trust and use the most, ChatGPT was the clear favorite (49.7%).

Gen AI and SEO Survey_Q8.2


When expanding on her use of LLMs, Colleen M., an Associate Director of SEO, had this to say about her experience: 

“My team has been utilizing both ChatGPT and Bard for some routine tasks in SEO and have found mixed results.

We find that both tools occasionally make things up just to satisfy an answer, but Bard seems to do it more frequently… We’ve even called Bard out on it and it will eventually admit to making up information.”


Biggest Concerns About GenAI:

Content Quality and Data Security

The biggest concerns and challenges SEOs have about using generative AI are content quality and authenticity (65.14%) as well as data security and privacy (58.64%). 

To ensure high-quality outputs, our AI-powered content writer, Content Fusion, allows users to generate outlines and paragraphs focused around specific contexts and takes SEO best practices into account to ensure unique content is present for your team to edit and review.

It also personalizes outputs based on custom target audiences to ensure content aligns with your audience, industry, tone, and brand guidelines, effectively creating high-quality content faster.

Only 2.36% of SEOs stated that they don’t have any concerns about using generative AI.

- Generative AI In SEO Survey  |  seoClarity, October 2023


Gen AI and SEO Survey_Q7.2

To address valid concerns enterprise SEO's have regarding data security when using generative AI, all of our AI-driven developments are guided by our seoClarity AI Manifesto, ensuring ethical and responsible use and guaranteeing that data is never shared back to the LLM.

That being said, the average level of confidence in using AI for SEO strategies and tactics was reported as 7.14 out of 10.


SEOs Believe AI Puts Their Jobs At Risk, But…

When asked whether enterprise SEOs believe that generative AI will take over SEO jobs in the future, 85.56% of respondents believe it is moderately to highly likely (5 out of 10 or above).

However, the most common way AI has currently impacted the size and structure of enterprise SEO teams is a restructuring of roles and responsibilities (30.49%).


Based on the results in this report, incorporating generative AI ultimately gives under-resourced SEO teams the opportunity to achieve more in less time and generate faster results. 

AI's role in SEO advancement is undeniable, as it empowers us to obtain valuable insights from mountains of SEO data. In helping us make optimal decisions on which issues and opportunities to prioritize, it only makes our performance better.


Research Methodology

We conducted our survey through the Zoho Survey platform, targeting enterprise SEO professionals across diverse industries. Participants voluntarily opted in, and we distributed the survey to our clients, email subscribers, and social media audience.

The survey was available from August 15 to September 28, 2023, and we received a total of 722 responses. This approach ensured a broad and inclusive representation of perspectives within the enterprise SEO community.


Next Steps

Leverage the insights in this report to:

  • Guide your internal conversations regarding generative AI.
  • Make more informed decisions when investing in generative AI.
  • Determine what AI-powered strategies to employ.

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