By experimenting with elements like title tags, meta descriptions, headings, and internal links, digital marketers gain data-driven insights to make informed decisions that boost organic search performance.

But generating effective split-testing ideas isn’t easy, especially after extended periods of testing. To simplify the brainstorming process, we've compiled a list of some of the top SEO split-testing methods for healthcare sites. 

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SEO Split Testing Ideas for On-Page Elements on Healthcare Sites

Explore the following split-testing strategies to optimize various on-page elements (components of a webpage that are directly under your control) on healthcare sites.


Meta Description Tests

Include an acknowledgment of the searcher's feelings (e.g. discomfort, pain, or worry) in meta descriptions for pages on diseases and conditions.


If a test can be done at home, include that information in the meta description for pages on tests and procedures.


For pages on drugs and supplements, include whether they are available over the counter or prescription only.


Title Tests

Include one or more aliases for the condition in titles for pages on diseases and conditions.


Include reference to "Benefits" and/or "Risks" in the title for pages on tests and procedures.


For pages on symptoms, include "Causes", "Common Causes" or "Risk Factors" in the title.


Content Tests

Add a table of contents with in-page anchors that match highly searched subtopics like Risks, Benefits, Side Effects, Recovery Time and Costs. Google may show these deep links on the SERP for the primary queries, increasing CTR.


With an increasing volume of images on SERPs, add more images and illustrations and employ robust image HTML and structured schema.


H1 Tests

If the text in H1s does not contain any keywords or is too short, consider adding a target phrase and increasing the length.

Unoptimized H1:

Optimized H1:


Correct text that contains incorrect punctuation.

Incorrect text: "The patient's condition; was critical, requiring immediate, medical attention! But, thankfully, the doctors were able to stabilize it."

Corrected text: "The patient's condition was critical, requiring immediate medical attention. But thankfully, the doctors were able to stabilize it."


SEO Split Testing Ideas for Schema on Healthcare Sites

Schema plays a vital role in helping search engines comprehend the content and context of web pages. 

The following split testing tactics can be utilized to refine and optimize different types of schema commonly used on healthcare websites. 

Organization Schema Test: Implement the parentOrganization property to specify a parent organization within the schema.


WebSite Schema Test: Use the urlTemplate property to indicate the URL pattern for your site search (i.e.{search_term_string}


Article Schema Test: Use the dateModified property to indicate the date that the CreativeWork was most recently modified or when the item's entry was modified within a DataFeed.


HowTo Schema Test: Include the HowToSupply property to indicate the supply consumed when following instructions.


SEO Split Testing Ideas for Internal Linking on Healthcare Sites

Internal linking involves connecting various pages on a website through hyperlinks. Doing so not only establishes a solid website structure but also improves navigation and enhances the overall user experience.

Explore the following split-testing tactics designed to optimize internal linking on healthcare websites.

Anchor Text Tests: Review internal anchor text and consolidate or diversify it depending on the ranking opportunity.

Opportunity to diversify anchor text:


Breadcrumb Tests: Add to or replace breadcrumb links and/or anchor text to improve parent or grandparent category ranking.


Test for Adding Links in the Body: Add links to related categories, articles, or products in the body of a product, article, or category page.



By utilizing these SEO split testing methods, you can leverage data-driven insights to optimize the SEO performance of your healthcare website, resulting in increased visibility in search results.

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