Luxury Beauty Brand Experiences Tremendous Growth with Prioritized Content Roadmap

An international beauty brand sells various products across several well-known luxury brands through a robust ecommerce experience. 

Each of these brands carry a unique product set for a specific target audience, and each of the brand’s sites provide their visitors with countless ways in which they can filter through product offerings. 

With a well-tailored user experience for each site, the head of SEO was tasked with the challenge of achieving incredible traffic growth across the board in under a year, despite each brand’s differing needs and SEO priorities. 

Was it possible to see the desired surge in traffic in such a short period of time?

To find out, the company engaged in a Managed Services approach with seoClarity’s SEO Professional Services team to determine what specific steps would help them reach their ambitious traffic goals.

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Leading the Way to Identify New Traffic Opportunities

To begin their work together, the Professional Services team leveraged the seoClarity platform to conduct a site audit for the beauty brand, uncovering initial crawl errors within their preferred domains. 

Professional Services introduced the S.M.A.R.T.R. SEO Framework ​to organize the work between both teams, which includes:

  • Set up of​ the platform to ensure the client gets the most out of their usage
  • Monitor​ key performance indicators to stay on top of the changing landscape​
  • Assess issues and opportunities with the existing site​
  • Recommend​ actions, roadmaps and workflows to drive iterative improvements​
  • Track & Report​ on weekly and monthly performance along with an executive summary

After understanding the initial findings from the site audit, the company implemented ongoing monthly crawls to uncover the technical site issues and content objectives for each team to address. This helped the two teams work together to identify the treasure trove of opportunities to improve their organic search. 

Along with these ongoing site audits, the company worked alongside the Professional Services team to set up multiple traffic-monitoring dashboards within the platform. This provided them with a view of trends across site pages including areas that saw a drop in organic traffic and what pages saw increased traffic momentum. 

In one example, they identified pandemic-related content opportunities following an uptick in searches about at-home beauty routines. This created a vast landscape of new content opportunities for the team to target. 

Professional Services provided each brand with a targeted list of SEO priorities as part of a custom roadmap within their Managed Services agreement that they anticipated would help the company see the results that they and their stakeholders craved.

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Tackling Content-Specific SEO Priorities Leads to Traffic Increase and Revenue Growth

Now that they had a roadmap of their SEO priorities, the company’s SEO and digital marketing team were off to the races. They got to work right away completing the list of prioritized tasks, including the following content-specific objectives:

  • Improve the product-detail pages information by increasing relevance with the keyword suggestions found within Content Fusion, seoClarity’s AI-driven content writer
  • Update title tags to match Content Fusion recommendations prioritized to product pages where traffic was decreasing
  • Use Content Fusion to optimize content based on new questions from customers based on product trends
  • Reconfigure a key SEO tag generated by 3rd party integration
  • Fix schema errors and established page template schema criteria for development

The above priorities came about as part of the Assess step in the S.M.A.R.T.R. SEO Framework in an effort to surface specific tasks to cause a positive impact through the organization's work through Managed Services.

After completing just 25% of the recommendations from the audits and content recommendations, the results were astounding: 

  • 24% increase in YOY traffic​ from October 2019 - September 2020


Estimated Traffic Display in seoClarity for Luxury Beauty Brand

  • 167% increase in YOY revenue from October 2019 - September 2020
  • 7% improvement in average rank over a 6 month period

With an additional 75% of SEO priorities to implement on their hit list, the SEO team can already forecast the incremental growth beyond their annual goals.

Prioritized Insights Make Way for Continued Traffic Growth

By following the targeted list of SEO priorities and focusing on the content-specific tasks they could accomplish within Content Fusion, the company reached their traffic goal and saw an additional increase in their YOY revenue numbers.

Not only that, but the small SEO team gained expert-backed insights from the Professional Services team, which continues to inform their decision-making to this day.

This approach to SEO offered actionable solutions based on deep data and insights that can only be gained from the seoClarity platform. Starting with a clear understanding of the work that lies ahead, both the beauty brand and the Professional Services team saw an acceleration of the overall performance and growth they worked to achieve.

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