The following story of SEO success details how seoClarity improved productivity and efficiency, tamed vast amounts of data to make it a valuable component of the business across all departments, and eliminated tedious tasks to transform the impact of SEO on the entire business in only 90 days.


In this case study, readers will learn how leading discount outdoor gear retailer The Sportsman’s Guide did the following with our platform: 

  • Became more competitive and opened a new world of opportunity
  • Leveraged reporting dashboards for SEOs as well as C-level executives
  • Eliminated 40+ hours of weekly manual work

About The Sportsman's Guide

Every retailer today, no matter how successful, is striving to do more with less. One company recently challenged by its rapid growth is The Sportsman’s Guide, serving over 8 million customers through its website, catalogs and flagship
retail store in St. Paul, MN.

The Challenge: Limited Resources to Manage Growing Opportunities

With increasing online revenues came increasing responsibilities for SEO channel management: tracking, monitoring and boosting visibility. Their channel manager was severely limited in time and resources, and even with assistance from multiple outside agencies they still had difficulty taking timely action to seize limited opportunities.

In addition, sudden changes with Google’s algorithm resulted in a significant decline in SEO traffic – and The Sportsman’s Guide had no visibility into what happened or how to rectify it. There was no room to add dedicated staff. And there weren’t enough hours in the day for the existing team to do a thorough job; so, they turned to seoClarity for guidance and support. 

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Solution: Training & Support From seoClarity

seoClarity made it possible for The Sportsman’s Guide to immediately gain a complete understanding of all their SEO activities, both internal and external. Our Client Success Managers provided training and support over the first 90 days that ingrained best practices for managing large and complex SEO programs.

Within the first three months, seoClarity had helped the channel manager streamline and consolidate all the most time-consuming day-to-day aspects. Our customizable dashboards allowed for rapid generation of detailed reports for C-level executives. The SEO efforts of multiple vendors could be quickly tracked. And as seoClarity identified issues and opportunities, there was now more time to focus on them.

“Now that we’re using seoClarity, I find that I’m saving more than 40 hours each week on manual tasks.”

- Mary Wendel, Sr. Marketing Manager 

Elimination of 40+ Hours of Manual Processes Lead to Improved Efficiencies 

Overall, seoClarity delivered these impressive results for The Sportsman’s Guide:

  • Eliminated 40 to 48 hours per week of manual work with using different systems and compiling reports.
  • Increased competitiveness by providing daily insights into the changing search landscape and competitor efforts.
  • Automated all of the most tedious tasks involved with analyzing large data sets from multiple sources.
  • Improved time utilization so the SEO team could take critical action on new opportunities, instead of collecting data.
  • Increased responsiveness with automatic monitoring and alerting.

Solve the Most Complex Marketing and SEO Challenges with seoClarity

The Sportsman’s Guide found that seoClarity was the only enterprise SEO platform that provided:

  1. Daily updates for key SEO metrics.
  2. A full, 360-degree view into every single program aspect, from technical audits of the site to link tracking and social media impact.
  3. Built-in reports and analyses allowing drill-down from the highest level of summaries to the most detailed data – with just a few clicks.
  4. Customizable dashboards specific to each user’s role (so a C-level executive can receive a higher-level overview compared to the more tactical needs of channel managers and agency partners).

Not all SEO solutions are created equally. When your business experiences growth, whether it's overnight or over the course of a year, it's wise to invest in an all-in-one platform that support you and your marketing requirements to the fullest. 

With seoClarity, our clients gain the ability to analyze their massive volume of SEO data in a few simple clicks. Schedule a demo with our team today and see how your business can eliminate hours of manual reporting and analysis, giving you back your time to focus on continued business growth.

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