An enterprise self-storage company serves both personal and commercial consumers in the United States. They sought a way to grow their brand presence and improve their market share.

Challenge: Building Content Authority Across a Variety of Locations at Scale

The self-storage brand’s marketing team maintained an extensive library of hyperlocal content and wanted to leverage what they already had on their site. Optimization of this content proved cumbersome and oftentimes required time-consuming research for hundreds of self-storage location pages. 

They needed a way to confirm that the locations they were targeting with their content actually fit the needs of their audience in order to improve the search experience and therefore their SEO market share.  

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The team also recognized a gap in their content authority and wanted to stake a claim in the SERP and target top of the funnel buyers who might consider self-storage solutions in the immediate future.

Though they knew what they wanted to create, they needed to learn how to do it—and how to do it in a way that was consistent, repeatable, and fast in order to show positive results to their executive team. 

Solution: Content Services from seoClarity’s SEO Professional Services Powers Optimization Efforts

With seoClarity in place, the team engaged SEO Professional Services for help with an approach to tackle their content challenges first at a national brand awareness level and then at a hyperlocal level 

The Professional Services team provided the self-storage enterprise with the following playbook objectives: 

  1. Target top-of-the funnel keywords and topics for new, brand-awareness content
  2. Optimize content based on specific location needs (e.g. proximity to water for boat storage, flexible terms for college student communities) for each business location
  3. Create new or optimize existing local content based on search demand and overall performance

To execute, the self-storage brand leveraged Content Services from the SEO Professional Services team. A team of writers leveraged Content Fusion, seoClarity’s AI-content analysis and did the following:

  • Wrote authoritative content vastly reducing the costly research on hundreds of target topics for location pages
  • Optimized the location-specific content with smart content insights to improve overall visibility
  • Engaged the target audience with the right long-form content

Content Fusion provided the writers access to all of the data and research required to create such detailed content in a centralized location. For each of the tasks at hand, the writers:

  • Covered every aspect of specific location topics with no additional research required
  • Matched user intent to attract their target audience for new and optimized content
  • Surfaced geo-targeted insights for optimization
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Results: +64% Increase in Traffic for Optimized Pages in 15 Weeks

The self-storage team was amazed by how quickly the machine learning and AI-driven insights from Content Fusion delivered them expert-level content to propel them forward.  

To kick off their work together, the teams ran an initial 15-week test of ~60 unique local URLs with updated content they saw the following results: 

  • 56% increase in visits to optimized pages
  • 107% increase in storage reservations

Compared to the control group of pages, the optimized content experienced an average rank increase of 2 positions in the SERP over the initial 15-week test

Once they saw the proof of their work in the quick test, they applied the same methodology to a different batch of content creation and optimization projects. The combined efforts of Content Services and Content Fusion drove the following results: 

  • A 64% increase in traffic to the updated pages over a 15 week period, which was 17-percentage points higher than the control group


View within Site Analytics data for storage brand’s content project.


The enterprise self-storage team saw clear proof in Content Fusion’s ability to provide data to optimize specific local content and top-of-funnel content at scale. With these incremental improvements, they increased their investment and continued to work toward further optimization and content production across the three areas of focus determined by the SEO Professional Services team. 

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