Cytiva is an established global provider of technologies and services in the advancement and development of therapeutics. As a leader in the life science industry, they supply their customers with the necessary tools and services they need to work better and faster in support of positive outcomes for patients. 

Challenge: Improving Online Presence Against Competitors

Cytiva’s rich history spans hundreds of years and took on a fresh beginning in 2020. As an established life sciences brand, they had success offline, but really wanted to grow their online presence. 

They decided they needed to invest in SEO, specifically through content, to help them quickly scale their content creation in a way that would distinguish them from their competitors, all while sustaining a quality user experience for their target audience. 

Solution: Expert Content Creation at Scale With seoClarity’s Content Services

As part of their investment in seoClarity, the team at Cytiva engaged in a Content Marketing Services agreement within seoClarity’s Professional Services offerings. This allowed them to increase their bandwidth to create hundreds of pieces of content on target topics within their industry. 

seoClarity worked alongside the Cytiva team to structure, simplify, and scale their content marketing to meet Cytiva’s search visibility and traffic objectives. To do this, seoClarity provided content analysis and recommendations based on data and insights derived from the SEO platform, establishing a content roadmap for the Cytiva team to execute against. 

The internal Cytiva team focused on optimizing their best-performing site content using Content Fusion, an AI SEO content writing tool within the seoClarity platform. They worked in tandem with seoClarity’s team of professional writers who leveraged Content Briefs and Content Fusion to create expertly-crafted content in record time. 

Despite the complex nature of topics the external team of writers were creating content about, the detailed information provided through seoClarity’s platform gave the writers everything they needed to be subject-matter experts on topics like cell cultures and fermentation, cutting out countless hours of research time from the process. 

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Results: +183% Increase in Site Traffic YoY

Not only did Cytiva save time in their content creation process, they also experienced tremendous growth across the board, such as: 

  • +183% increase in overall site traffic YoY from October 2020 to September 2021

  • A +53% uptick in unique pages ranking YoY from October 2020 to September 2021

  • A +36% traffic increase in optimized content over an 8-week period between July and September 2021

  • A +2% incremental increase in Share of Voice of strategically optimized content over a 15-week period between June and September 2021


Thanks to the teamwork between Cytiva’s internal marketing team and seoClarity’s Content Marketing Services, Cytiva experienced an increase in visibility to their most valuable pages across their site. They have continued their success toward their main objective of an improved online presence.

Optimizing content at scale to deliver on search visibility and traffic goals has never been easier than with the AI-driven power of the seoClarity platform and our Content Marketing Services approach. 

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