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Leverage deep competitor analytics and ranking data to
supercharge your SEO efforts and outrun your competition.
The Wisdom of the Crowd

Two Minds are Better Than One

Let’s face it – Two minds are better than one, and ten minds are better than two, and when those minds belong to your competitors, you have an extreme advantage over everyone else in the SEO space. seoClarity’s patent-pendingWisdom of the Crowd technology gives you that advantage by showing you the gaps in your optimization strategy and in those of your competitors. Track an unlimited number of companies to own the SEO landscape and skyrocket past your competition.

The Changing SEO Landscape

Daily Competitor Data Keeps You on Top

The SEO landscape changes at the speed of light, and weekly data updates can cost you ranking positions and website traffic. With seoClarity’s deep competitor intelligence and alerts delivered daily, you’ll stay ahead with the latest figures and trends as they happen.

Outsmart the Competition

Competitor Intelligence Runs Through Every Element of Your SEO

seoClarity’s wisdom of the crowd technology gives you unparalleled visibility in every part of your SEO from mobile to link building and beyond.   Leverage these insights to optimize every part of your site.


Our clients are among the smartest SEOs in the world. Hear what some of them have to say about the advantages our platform has given them in the rapidly changing world of search optimization.

What Others Say About Us

  • Not only is Clarity very powerful with its default functionality with competitor tracking, but you’re also able to build custom views with that data.

    Tony EmersonSparefoot

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