September 8 2016 – seoClarity awards its Q2 2016 Synergy Award to Grainger, the leading broad line supplier of maintenance, repair and operating products serving businesses and institutions.

seoClarity continued its efforts to recognize outstanding enterprises that excel at promoting the ideals of Search Experience Optimization by announcing Grainger as the recipient of its Q2 Search Experience Award for Synergy. Companies that earn this award have broken SEO out of the traditional silos and use it to shape projects, content and technical implementations.

According to seoClarity’s Chief Architect, Mitul Gandhi, “Over the last two years, the SEO team at Grainger has done a fantastic job leveraging data to build trusting partnerships across its organization. This close collaboration, built on a foundation of solid data and insights, has shown tremendous results.”

Q2 and Q3 2016 Search Experience Awards will be presented at the seoClarity Annual User Conference, Clarity ‘16, in Chicago, this September.

seoClarity first announced its Search Experience Awards in March, when it awarded the first Synergy Award to tech giant, Dell. Additional categories for the Search Experience Awards include Innovations, Strategy, and Agency. Enterprises and agencies interested in learning more about the Search Experience Optimization Framework may contact seoClarity for further details through To submit your own enterprise or agency for consideration, follow the link to

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seoClarity provides the most advanced SEO platform to help Enterprises and Agencies tackle the SEO challenges of search visibility and content marketing. seoClarity covers the entire SEO lifecycle, from site usability and relevance to content authority, all within a single platform.  seoClarity provides unparalleled insights through its patented analysis and machine learning technology.

About the Search Experience Awards

seoClarity’s Search Experience Awards are meant to recognize Enterprises and organizations who have demonstrated their commitment to the Search Experience Optimization framework and consists of the awards for Strategy, Synergy, Innovations, and Agency.