September 15  2016 – Japan-based Crossfinity Wins the First Search Experience Award for Agencies

seoClarity announced the creation of a new category for its Search Experience Award this month. While the other major categories – Innovations, Strategy, and Synergy – address the efforts of online enterprises, the award for Agency recognizes the outstanding efforts of SEO and Marketing agencies who excel at promoting the long-term benefits of the Search Experience Optimization Framework.

The Q2 2016 Agency Award winner, Crossfinity, has not only embraced the philosophy behind the Search Experience Optimization Framework, but they have undertaken the task of evangelizing the benefits of this shift in approach to SEO throughout the Asia-Pacific and Oceania regions, going so far as to appoint their own SEO Evangelist, Wataru Matsuno.

“We’re excited to announce the creation of this award category, because we see so many deserving agencies throughout the world,” said seoClarity Co-founder and Chief Architect, Mitul Gandhi. “And we’re doubly excited to award the first of its kind to our premier partner in APJ, Crossfinity.”

Crossfinity’s CEO, Takayuki Kato responded to the award announcement, saying, “We are honored to receive such a great award, and we sincerely appreciate the support of the seoClarity team. Previously in Japan, SEO was "just getting higher rankings by acquiring inbound links". However, since we began collaborating with seoClarity, we have been supporting our clients' efforts to improve the essential value of their websites. SXO, or Search Experience Optimization, is the very best word for describing these efforts, and this phrase will be a key concept in digital marketing. With this award recognition, we will be able to accelerate the introduction of the SXO concept to leading companies throughout Asia. “

seoClarity’s Chief SEO Evangelist, Keith Goode, who has spoken at Crossfinity’s annual digital marketing conference, Cross Forum, for the past two years, said, “As Google has globalized its ranking algorithm, they’ve left sites scrambling to come into alignment with its strict webmaster guidelines. We’ve seen Crossfinity embrace those standards and launch a series of efforts to bring their own clients and the rest of the SEO industry in APJ into alignment with the new paradigm.”

When asked about this paradigm shift, Wataru Matsuno, SEO Evangelist at Crossfinity, stated, “I often speak at digital marketing conferences in Tokyo and have conversations with SEOs, and I have seen the concept of SXO rapidly becoming more popular in the Japanese market. This has been really nice for the maturation of digital marketing, and I believe it will contribute to the user-oriented mindset of digital marketers in Japan.”

seoClarity first announced its Search Experience Awards in March, when it awarded the Synergy Award to tech giant, Dell. Additional categories for the Search Experience Award include Innovations, Strategy, and Agency. Enterprises and agencies interested in learning more about the Search Experience Optimization Framework may contact seoClarity for further details through To submit your own Enterprise or agency for consideration, follow the link to

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seoClarity’s Search Experience Awards are meant to recognize Enterprises and organizations who have demonstrated their commitment to the Search Experience Optimization framework and consists of the awards for Strategy, Synergy, Innovations, and Agency.