Acquisition Expands Growth of ClarityAutomate,
seoClarity’s Next-Generation SEO Execution Platform

CHICAGO, Ill. (June 1, 2022) -- seoClarity—the enterprise SEO platform that combines world-class data, AI insights, and execution—has announced the acquisition of RankSense’s technology, furthering the growth of their new SEO execution platform, ClarityAutomate.

“This acquisition of RankSense’s technology and IP adds another set of capabilities to our ClarityAutomate platform for enterprises,” said Mitul Gandhi, co-founder and Chief Architect of seoClarity. “It paves the path for our vision of providing the most complete SEO technology to test, execute, and automate challenging SEO projects at scale.” 

RankSense, founded in 2015, was passionately led by the late Hamlet Batista, who conceptualized and introduced the first Edge SEO platform in the marketplace. His powerful innovation has allowed companies to overcome limitations in technology and engineering resources to implement optimizations at scale. 

RankSense complements ClarityAutomate’s no-code SEO platform with additional machine learning solutions to SEO challenges, new approaches for scaling SEO, and automated Core Web Vitals page speed improvements—all without the need for dev resources. 

“Hamlet’s contributions to the advancement of SEO amplified the greatest need in our industry: a faster way to test and execute complex SEO projects,” Gandhi said. “We are honored to continue Hamlet’s pioneering work and carry on his legacy in this way.”

With this acquisition, seoClarity accelerates its development of technology to help solve the biggest challenges facing SEOs today, including the agility to overcome developer and technology gaps to:

  • Make critical fixes immediately
  • Update on-page SEO changes at scale
  • Run SEO tests to determine the winning approach
  • Automate internal linking 
  • Apply page speed optimizations
  • Deploy schema effortlessly 

The acquisition comes at a time when seoClarity intends to announce their next release of capabilities from ClarityAutomate later this spring. Page Optimizer was released earlier this year and Split Tester was released last month.

Hamlet’s spouse, Odette Martinez, stated that, “Hamlet had a passion for the search industry and solving SEO challenges. His contributions were vast and generous, and this move by seoClarity ensures that his vision and legacy will move forward.”

“This acquisition not only helps us grow ClarityAutomate, it further ensures that Hamlet’s contributions to the SEO community reverberate as advancements continue to be made in SEO technology,” Gandhi stated. 

While financial details about the acquisition were not disclosed, the terms of the deal are supported by seoClarity's recent $30MM commitment to their tech growth.

For more information about ClarityAutomate, current clients may reach out to their Client Success Manager; all enterprise SEOs experiencing similar challenges are encouraged to sign-up for a demo.

Contact: Mary Kate Mack

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Created by Hamlet Batista in 2015 to get fast SEO results at scale, RankSense implements immediate changes to most SEO meta tags, structured data, and redirects. RankSense core product is a groundbreaking direct response SEO platform for ecommerce websites, accelerating SEO results from 6 months down to 6 weeks by helping you manage SEO like paid search. Rather than working with developers through months of hard work, high-value technical changes are implemented through an easy-to-use interface.