It is recommended to have only one title on a page. If your page has multiple title tags, the extras can be removed. Here’s how.

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Keep One Title Tag Per Page

The HTML standard specifies that there may be only one title tag for a page.

If there is more than one title tag present, search engines may be confused about which tag to use. As a result, the search engine may combine the titles, ignore them altogether, or pick up one at random.

Regardless of the outcome, this risks giving up control over the title you'd like search engines to use and leaves it up to their algorithm to determine, which may or may not yield the desired results.

How to Remove Extra Title Tags

This issue is triggered when the title tag is found more than once in the <head> section of the page.

For example, this HTML has two title tags:

<title>Title One</title>

<title>Title Two</title>

Check your content management system for instances of multiple title tags, the underlying page template used to render the page, or contact your tech team to help investigate and eliminate the extra title tags.

If you do have edit access to your CMS, you should be able to remove the extra tags without getting the dev team involved. Although, this solution would be implemented on a page-by-page basis.

How to Remove Extra Title Tags at Scale

Another way to remove title tags lets you do so at scale, across thousands of pages. A few clicks in SEO execution platform ClarityAutomate is all it takes to resolve this issue.

1. Select what you'd like to optimize: Code

To begin, select “Code” in ClarityAutomate.

2. Choose how you'd like to optimize it: Delete

This optimization requires deleting an element (as opposed to adding or updating).

3. Location: The location of the <title> that you need removed on the page

Lastly, specify the location of the tag to be removed.

Before and After

A pesky, extra title tag is no match for ClarityAutomate. In a few minutes, the page has the correct number of title tags: one!


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