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At seoClarity, we are invested in your success. In addition to the training when you on-board, we offer online and on-demand training sessions to assist in every step of the way in your journey to a better search experience. If you are new to seoClarity or just want to expand your use of the platform, use these on-demand training opportunities to continue to find ways to connect with your customers in every phase of the customer journey.

On-Demand Video Training

These training sessions are for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.

Clarity Academy Foundations Certification

Recommended! Learn how to use seoClarity to carry out the most essential SEO tasks and processes such as keyword research, performance tracking, content optimization, and more. 

seoClarity Basic Training 

Learn the basics of the seoClarity platform. Discover the various support options available to you, how to add keywords or target URLs, and get an overview of the primary features.

seoClarity Platform Training

Get a quick video overview of each major feature of the seoClarity platform.

  • Dashboards - customizable, segmented, AI-driven reports

    • Actionable Insights - real-time alerts to SEO issues & opportunities
    • Google Trends - track & analyze search trends for topics that matter to you
    • Content Guard - daily alerts of changes to pages for your site or any competitors
  • Page Clarity - track your target URLs
  • Rank Intelligence
    • Keywords - manage, track, and analyze your keyword performance
    • SERP Features - see which SERP features Google shows for your keywords
    • Visibility Share - understand your true SERP visibility (paid add-on for some levels)
    • Traffic Potential - forecast potential traffic from SEO improvements
    • Top Competitors - discover your true search competitors (video coming soon)
  • Research Grid
    • Keywords - do keyword research from the largest keyword research data set anywhere
    • Content Gaps - discover what your competitors are ranking & best opportunities to over take them
    • Answer Box - find opportunities to win the answer box and see how you and your competitor's are doing over time
    • Backlinks - analyze the backlink profile for any domain, sub-domain or URL
    • Topic Explorer - uncover what your audience searches for and the topics they most overlap with
  • Content Marketing
    • Content Fusion - artificial Intelligence driven topic suggestions for writing authoritative content
    • Content Ideas - Find content ideas based on what real users ask in search
  • Usability
    • Site Audits - create one-off or recurring site crawls
    • Internal Links - analyze your internal link structure
    • Page Speed - see how well your pages do with Core Web Vitals
    • Page Comparison - compare content between two pages based on their URL or HTML content (video coming soon)
  • Analytics
    • Search Analytics - uncover the actual keywords that drive traffic to your site and real performance of pages on Google
    • Site Analytics analyze your site's organic search traffic, conversions and KPI's and impact of your SEO efforts on the same (video coming soon)
    • PPC vs Organic - compare the keyword performance of your pay per click data against organic
    • Split Test Analysis - leverage Causal Inference models to accurately measure the impact of split tests (video coming soon)

If you have any questions, reach out to your Client Success team at for more details.