seoClarity Certification

seoClarity is the leading, global enterprise SEO solution on the market today. With seoClarity’s new certification program, you can become an expert on the platform and fully leverage its advanced functionality and power. The individualized, hands-on platform training included in the certification process allows you to maximize the value of our platform in the way that best suits your needs — and be rewarded for it.


We know the world of SEO changes constantly, and the agile seoClarity platform evolves rapidly, making ongoing education a necessity. Stay on top of the changes with  seoClarity certification – Your seoClarity Client Success Account Manager can fill you in on all the details.

benefits of seoClarity certification

  • OFFICIAL BADGE – An official digital badge that can be used in email signatures, on social profiles or on business cards
  • PROFESSIONAL COMMUNITY – Inclusion in the exclusive seoClarity Certified LinkedIn Group, home to the most cutting-edge SEO discussion
  • PRINTABLE CERTIFICATE – A printable PDF achievement certificate
  • PLATFORM MAXIMIZATION – Assurance that your organization is fully adopting and leveraging the power of the seoClarity platform
  • EXPANDED, MARKETABLE SKILL – An seoClarity certification is recognized and highly regarded in the industry, validating a user’s skill and identifying them as an industry leader

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