An accredited K-12 distance learning school relies on organic search performance to attract new students. Here's how they improved traffic and rankings with seoClarity.

SEO Challenge: Poor Traffic and Rankings for Top Landing Pages

The school’s SEO team recognized that the pages for some of their target terms, specifically for “upper school” and “lower school” were not converting.

To improve their search visibility and ultimately, their conversion rate on these pages, they turned to the seoClarity Professional Services Team for guidance. 

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Solution: Content Alignment to User Intent and Demand

With a new school year fast approaching, seoClarity’s Professional Services team got to work on a multifaceted solution that included:

  • A comprehensive site crawl to identify and recommend the removal of duplicate content across the school’s website
  • Addressing canonical loops and redirected pages with 4xx errors
  • In-depth keyword analysis that revealed no search volume for the target terms “upper school” and “lower school” but significant demand for “high school” and “elementary school”; this insight drove the recommendation to optimize their conversion pages with these terms to achieve desired traffic results. 

This collaboration resulted in a targeted strategy that not only addressed technical issues but also aligned the content with user intent and demand. 

Results: 250% YoY Increase in Top 3 Rankings

The collaborative efforts between seoClarity and the school’s SEO team produced exceptional results over a 4-month period, such as:

  • +250% YoY Increase in Top 3 Rankings (Elementary School Keywords)


  • +38% YoY Increase in Clicks for Elementary School Keywords
  • +15% YoY Increase in Clicks for High School Keywords
  • +31% Increase in Top 3 Rankings Overall YoY


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Conclusion: Understanding User Intent Drives Big Impact

The school’s success with seoClarity’s Professional Services Team is just one example of the power of an SEO strategy and demonstrates how small changes can be impactful, even in a short period of time.

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