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The Most Powerful

 Content Optimizer, Ever!

Analyze Usability, Relevance and Authority of ANY content online right from within your browser! All for FREE!

What is Spark?

Spark is a product of seoClarity Labs and is the result of over 1.5 years of effort to build a simple, yet powerful, enterprise-class tool that can empower every person in an organization to help build a better search experience.

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How does it help?

Spark allows anyone within an organization to immediately analyze ANY content on the web relative to the key pillars 

of content and search experience optimization: 

 Usability, Relevance and Authority

 - and do so right from within their browser! 

Direct access to Majestic's backlink data

You will have instant access to:

Usability Analysis

On-the-fly technical audit across 40+ factors

Gauge Authority

Content Relevance

Access to 100's of billions of 

seoClarity's data points

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