CHICAGO, June 13, 2017 – The current battle in search is all about voice results; brands can no longer rely on the first page of Google to reach customers because of the single answer result. According to Google, as much as 20 percent of mobile queries are conducted by voice search. In just three years, that number will more than double thanks to the emergence of voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google Home.1

To enable brands to capitalize on this emerging opportunity, seoClarity, the search insights and content optimization platform, today introduced new capabilities for Voice Search Optimization, the first and only technology in the industry that allows brands to improve their visibility for voice search.  

Using seoClarity, brands can:

  • Understand what drives voice search.
  • Uncover the questions people ask instantly.
  • Identify the opportunities to connect at the right moment.
  • Win the single answer against their competitors.

“Without question, voice search is the biggest opportunity for brands today,” said Mitul Gandhi, Chief Architect and Co-Founder of seoClarity. “With voice search, there is only one answer presented to customers. Brands need to be there or risk being left out entirely from their customer’s buying cycle.”

The adoption of voice search demonstrates the strategic importance for brands to be the single answer to their customers’ queries. Voice search is the biggest shift in search behavior in decades and its growth is being driven by a number of factors:

  • People perceive voice search to be faster. In fact, humans can speak 150 words per minute vs. type 40 words per minute.2
  • Growth in mobile devices and mobile engagement will continue to drive voice search forward. Nearly 70 percent of queries to Google Assistant are done via voice.3
  • Specialized devices and proliferation of personal voice-enabled assistants continues to grow. Amazon Alexa has shipped more 10 million units and Google Home and Apple products are both targeting this market.4

“At seoClarity, we help brands connect with their customers by helping improve their visibility in search,” said Gandhi. “In voice search, just like in traditional search, brands that chase the search engine will come up short, but brands that create a great search experience for their customers will win.”

About seoClarity

seoClarity is the natural search and content optimization platform that helps brands connect with customers in the moments that matter. The company's proprietary Clarity GridTM technology combines petabytes of data with machine-learning insights to help marketers develop proven content strategies, analyze competitive gaps, improve site health, and drive performance. The company’s unique approach to understanding audience intent turns the focus from the search engines and algorithms to the customer.


1 - According to ComScore
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