The First SEO Platform to Address the Gap Between AI and Enterprise SEO

CHICAGO, Ill. (April 11, 2023) — seoClarity, the first AI-driven enterprise SEO platform, unveils a major product release that leverages ChatGPT and large language models (LLMs) for seamless integration into a wide range of enterprise SEO tasks, revolutionizing the way businesses optimize their online presence. 

“With the launch of ChatGPT, enterprises are grappling with how to confidently leverage it within SEO,” said Mitul Gandhi, co-founder and Chief Architect at seoClarity. “Enterprises need a partner harnessing the power of AI to automate SEO tasks, scale quality content, and execution to get to results faster.” 

In May, the company will host seoClarity AI Day to mark a significant milestone in the evolution of SEO technology. The release promises a giant leap forward in efficiency AND effectiveness that actually drives results in enterprise SEO.

seoClarity has invested in machine learning (ML) and NLP for nearly a decade — starting with Actionable Insights, a ML driven solution to generating insights from data. Since then, it has pushed the boundaries of what's possible with AI and SEO. In the last five years of AI-investment alone, the company:

  • Launched Content Fusion in 2018, the first content recommendation engine to utilize individual ML models for each client, a game-changer in content analysis and to aid content generation.
  • Launched Topic Explorer in 2021, the only topic research tool to analyze and group keywords with NLP and AI based on subtopics, entities, user intent, keyword patterns, and more
  • Acquired Rank Sense in 2022, a pioneer in ML and deep learning in SEO, to advance SEO automation 

seoClarity is excited to bring even more AI capabilities to clients for every stage of their SEO—from keyword research to content optimization and in-depth analysis.

"We believe that when it comes to generative AI, the real differentiator is the data on which large language models are built," said Gandhi. "Rather than simply integrate off-the-shelf models, we are focused on helping train each one uniquely on the client's industry. Our tests show a marked improvement in quality of output with this approach."

In preparation for this product release in May, seoClarity is launching a webinar series that kicks off on April 18 with the following sessions:

  1. April 2023 Crack the Code: 5 AI Strategies to Leverage in Enterprise SEO
  2. May 2023 seoClarity’s AI Day: Demo of AI Capabilities in the Platform
  3. June 2023 SEO Automation: AI Workflows and Use Cases

Enterprise SEOs and marketing teams can register now for seoClarity's upcoming webinar on April 18 and learn how to successfully adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape of AI. Attendees will gain valuable insights and practical strategies that will help you stay competitive. Secure your spot today:


seoClarity is an AI-driven search and content optimization platform that focuses on users' search experience and guides enterprises on their journey to SEO Excellence. Using a combination of deep machine-learning and real-time insights, and backed by support, training and services, seoClarity provides everything enterprises need to scale SEO.

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Contact: Mary Kate Mack