Oncrawl vs. Deepcrawl: What's the Difference?

    Oncrawl and Deepcrawl both offer website crawlers for technical SEO. 

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    About Oncrawl

    Oncrawl is a cloud-based SEO crawler and log file analyzer. It was acquired by BrightEdge in early 2022. 

    There are two suites available: 

    • Oncrawl Insights: This includes the SEO crawler and log analyzer. The Insights suite is described as “A suite of technical SEO solutions to open Google's blackbox.”
    • Oncrawl Genius: data science and machine learning 

    There are other product offerings as well, like Oncrawl Data that includes:

    • Oncrawl SEO Impact
    • Oncrawl  Rankings 
    • Oncrawl Analytics
    • Oncrawl Backlinks

    How Much Does Oncrawl Cost?

    There are three Oncrawl packages available:

    • Explorer: 39 Euros per month (roughly $43)
    • Business: 199 Euros per month (roughly $220)
    • Infinite & Beyond: Quote

    A free 14-day trial is also available.

    Oncrawl User Reviews

    Oncrawl scores a 4.3 out of 5 on G2, and a 4.0 on Capterra. (April 2022)

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    About Deepcrawl

    Deepcrawl is a technical SEO platform that’s split into two entities: DeepCrawl Detect, which is their SEO analytics hub, and DeepCrawl Protect, their SEO automation hub.

    DeepCrawl Detect houses their SEO crawler, which allows you to:

    • Analyze technical SEO insights at scale
    • Crawl millions of URLs
    • Schedule crawls
    • Receive actionable insights
    • Manage issues
    • Export data

    The other side of the solution, DeepCrawl Protect, allows you to:

    • Protect your site’s technical health
    • Monitor code releases

    How Much Does Deepcrawl Cost?

    No pricing information is offered on Deepcrawl’s website. You can request pricing and a demo on their website.

    Deepcrawl User Reviews

    Deepcrawl scores a 4.5 out of 5 on G2, and a 4.3 on Capterra. (April 2022)

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