A private, non-profit online university* offers students an accelerated and flexible path to earn an accredited degree. They enlisted seoClarity’s Professional Services as an extension of their team to support their SEO project roadmap.

*Out of respect for our client, we have chosen to keep this case study anonymous. 

Challenge: Choosing the Best Optimization Priorities

The university’s expert SEO team wanted to increase their overall site traffic and grow their SEO program. As a small but agile team, they needed to be certain that their choice of what to optimize would produce the best results. 

After some analysis, they determined that the best course of action would be to prioritize optimizations of their top-converting keywords.

They reached out to seoClarity’s SEO Professional Services to help them accelerate their roadmap and organic growth. 

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Solution: Identifying Actionable Steps to Grow SEO Program

Operating as an extension of the university’s small-but-mighty SEO team, the SEO Professional Services team evaluated the existing roadmap and initiated a site audit to resolve any technical SEO issues before they started working on their optimizations. 

Through this SEO audit, they identified additional priorities, including: 

  • Internal link updates
  • Canonical tag updates on traffic-driving blog pages
  • Continual content additions to top-performing landing pages
  • Page speed updates and implementation
  • Leveraging a backlink strategy and conducting outreach

They recognized an additional opportunity to prioritize keyword optimizations of non-brand terms (i.e. keyword queries that did not contain their school name).

The university’s SEO team followed a list of actionable insights provided within the platform to target the following areas based on their analysis of site performance:

  • Increasing educational content on their site
  • Optimizing of top-level navigation and menu accessibility 
  • Adding references to courses being online, targeting high-demand topics 
  • Updating, refreshing and removing content regularly
  • Reviewing their structured data to add FAQ schema where appropriate

The results provided some immediate takeaways and offered recommendations for continued growth of their SEO program.

Results: 183% YoY Organic Traffic Increase Growth in Top-Performing Keywords

After validating their roadmap and implementing the recommendations provided by seoClarity’s Professional Services, the online university experienced the following results from May 2021 to April 2022: 

  • A +183% YoY Organic Traffic Increase

  • A +148% increase in the number of overall keywords ranking in position 1-3

  • A +208% increase in the number of non-brand keywords in position 1-3


seoClarity’s Professional Services is designed to empower SEO teams and provide the actionable insights required to successfully execute projects across large enterprise sites, achieving desired outcomes and to maximize  return on investment. 

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