Learn what power SEOs do to maximize results in their content marketing.

Nearly 40% of SEO practitioners cite content development as one of their most pressing issues in SEO based on the State of Enterprise SEO Report. SEO experts Chris Sachs of seoClarity and Catfish Comstock of BusinessOnline identify three areas where proven content marketing initiatives drive meaningful impact to a brand’s search visibility.

This webinar will explore these three statistically-proven SEO strategies that intersect with content marketing and fall within the SEO lifecycle – Usability, Authority and Relevance. It will also examine their role in brand visibility and offer practical ways any content marketer or SEO can apply these strategies to promote their brand and connect with customers in those ever vital micro-moments.

Attendees will learn how power SEOs prioritize and integrate efforts with their content development team to magnify the most meaningful results and turn an incremental lift in their organic search efforts.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • Content marketing strategies that build inbound links
  • How to discover content opportunities that are proven to drive traffic
  • Best practices in technical optimization for duplicate content

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