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Learn how voice search impacts your business

With more than 20% of mobile queries executed via voice and Google enabling access to voice queries to a billion people globally, it’s clear voice search is disrupting the search landscape. Digital marketers have a unique opportunity to optimize content to provide their customers with the best answer to their voice search queries.

seoClarity researched nearly 40 million keywords from billions of data points (from our proprietary search landscape data in the Research Grid) and shared insights from 2,500 brands to bring you this comprehensive webinar focused on the impact of voice search.

This webinar covers the evolution of voice search, the role Google’s Answer Box plays, focus on practical content marketing strategies to win the “single answer”, and help you understand the impact to your business.

  • Practical insights to win the single answer in Voice Search.
  • Strategies to create and optimize content for Google’s Answer Box.
  • Performance metrics to evaluate the impact of voice search to your business

You can also download the Voice Search Research Report for further detail on the data and insights as well as content strategies to win the single answer. 



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