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How to Earn THE Answer in Voice Search: A Research Report of Google’s Answer Box

In the nearly 20 year history of Google, there has never been a more intense period of innovation as what we have experienced in the last 3 years. Google (and to be fair, even Bing) have demonstrated incredible progress with building large knowledge graphs, understanding real world entities, moving from matching words to matching searcher intent and even employing machine learning at scale (in the case of Google with RankBrain).

Yet, despite this incredible progress in the underlying search algorithms and approaches to determining relevant results, the way searches are conducted and consumed by searchers has remained largely unchanged – until now. The “10-blue links” that searchers have been trained to consume for the last two decades are giving way to a brand new way of searching and discovering– an experience that is driven by the most natural of ways for humans to interact – by voice.

The growth in Voice Search is the MOST DISRUPTIVE opportunity for marketers today and it’s critical to understand how this method of search and discovery will disrupt consumer buying cycles, the options consumers evaluate and even brand selection and preferences for years to come.


This white paper covers seoClarity’s research and insights into the essentials of Voice Search that marketers need to know to prepare. Using seoClarity’s proprietary search landscape data, a set of billions of data points (Research GridTM) and shared experiences supporting over 2,500+ brands globally, we provide a comprehensive guide to winning the coming battle for being “the single answer”.

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Tania German
With more than 10 years experience in eCommerce and digital marketing for enterprise and mid-size companies, Tania offers a unique perspective in true cross-functional integration. With a career focus in content development and marketing channel management, Tania joined seoClarity to lead all marketing efforts with an emphasis to showcase the company's SEO industry expertise and further elevate the seoClarity brand as the leader in enterprise search marketing platforms.
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