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Endless, cool content, but no one is stopping? How do you engage with your audience in the right moments at all stages of the customer journey and to answer your the search intent?

Online consumers expect relevant content, but don’t always get it. In fact, producing engaging content is the number one challenge cited by marketers today.

To attract online consumers to your site, you need to focus on topics that speak to their specific needs. But it’s easier said than done. Google’s algorithms are constantly changing. Search intent, rather than keywords, has become a critical ranking factor on SERPs. It’s difficult to understand consumer search intent well enough to deliver the right content in the moments that matter.

Leverage the data at hand to identify the micro-moments and align content strategies across the different buying cycles in the customers’ journey by identifying their intent to connect to your customers in that ZMOT. Join our SEO and content optimization experts as they explain how to create targeted, relevant content that resonates with consumers in the moments that matter.


  • Identify the context behind customers’ search queries.
  • Optimize content for search intent where consumers are in their buyer journey.
  • Discover strategies to identify relevant, proven to convert topics and content.

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