Webinar Recap: Building Your SEO Strategy Like the Pros

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On Thursday, July 21st, 2016, I had a chance to sit down with Nick Slettengren and Antonio Johnson of Power Digital Marketing to discuss how they use seoClarity to build and assess the SEO strategies for their clients. This was a follow-up to their blog post, “Assessing Your SEO Strategy.”

In this session, they discussed how Power Digital Marketing does:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Keyword Management
  3. Competitor Gap Analysis
  4. Enterprise Crawls
  5. Content Ideation

While they keep many point solutions from the SEO industry, including AWR, SEM Rush, keyword.io, etc., in their toolbox, Nick and Antonio showed how Power Digital uses seoClarity’s platform features, like Competitor Keywords, Content Ideas, and Clarity Audit to maximize their efforts, see more data, and drive better results.

“At the end of the day, when you really want to get as much data as possible, [seoClarity] just has more data points.” — Nick Slettengren, Director of Marketing and Strategy, Power Digital Marketing

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Attendee Polls

The majority of the audience were All-Around SEOs, whose responsibilities spanned analytics, content, and technical, followed by Content Strategists/Developers and Analysts.

PDM - Attendee Roles

For the question of “How many different tools and platforms do you use for your SEO efforts?”, attendees responded that 51% of them use between 4 and 10 different platforms and point solutions. 15% claim that they use too many too count.

PDM - Tool Usage Count

With that information, it just made sense to ask “What percentage of your time do you spend each month aggregating data from various point solutions into a single view?” The results were staggering. A full 36% of respondents said that they spend between 26% and 50% of their time aggregating their data into a single view. That’s time spent not executing on SEO strategies.

PDM Time Spent Aggregating

Of course, seoClarity can help with that. We aggregate ranking data, crawl data, competitor intel, and link data into a single platform. If you’re spending more time than you care to on reporting tasks and you’re a current client, please reach out to your support representative to ask how seoClarity can help. If you’re not an existing client, please provide us with your contact information below, and we’ll follow up with you for a demo.

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Keith Goode is the Chief SEO Evangelist at seoClarity. With over nine years of experience in SEO, his expertise spans global enterprise SEO and enterprise technical SEO, and these fuel his fondness for SEO education and the spreading of SEO Consciousness throughout organizations.
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