Learn why data-driven content matters - and how your business can create it. 

According to Smart Insights, 1,440 Wordpress posts are published and 3.8 million Google searches are performed every 60 seconds. This increasingly competitive landscape makes it harder and harder for content to reach your target audience. The ultimate challenge for marketers in 2018 is creating high-quality, personalized content that stands out from the crowd.  

SEO & content experts Ryan Heuser of seoClarity and Kayla Hammersmith and Justin McIntyre of Perfect Search Media outline how you can use SEO data like search queries, search volume, content gaps, and competitive analysis to ensure that your content makes the cut.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • The state of content in 2018
  • How to use SEO data to inform your content creation
  • Best practices on creating data-driven content

Meet the experts:

  • Ryan Heuser, Product Manager, seoClarity
  • Kayla Hammersmith, Manager of Copywriting and Content Strategy, Perfect Search
  • Justin McIntyre, Director of SEO & Content, Perfect Search


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