Webinar Summary

National brands with hundreds – if not thousands – of locations face a daunting challenge. With nearly one third of all mobile searches now related to location, the competition for visibility at the local level has heated up.

Once a brand has submitted its data to data aggregators, then what? How can brands leverage performance metrics and data to measure their local search performance and take action on it?

Watch the webinar where our SEO and local marketing experts take an in-depth look at the growth of location-oriented search, the key metrics every brand should track to measure local search performance, and the actions that can help improve your local performance.

Listen to this webinar and learn to:

  • Understand local search intent.
  • Understand the key metrics every multi-location business should track
  • Uncover hidden insights from your reviews
  • Monitor SERPs on an expanded set of local business rankings.

About The Experts

Mitul Gandhi, Co-founder and Chief Architect, seoClarity is a data-driven serial entrepreneur, information architect, and SEO veteran. His variety of experience, gained in positions in in-house SEO, search marketing, and software development, affords him the ability to efficiently assess how to use software tools to meet challenges and drive ROI. As the Co-Founder and Chief Architect of seoClarity, Mitul currently oversees day-to-day operations, and provides strategic direction to all departments. His well of knowledge includes 10+ years of consulting experience with Fortune 500 and top internet retailers concerning online search marketing. He has several patents pending for analyzing cause and effect in SEO.

David Mihm, Founder, Tidings is first and foremost an advocate for sustainable digital marketing techniques for small businesses. In 2012, he sold his former company GetListed.org to Moz, helping over 3 million businesses get better visibility in the local search engines. David now runs Tidings, a company that helps small businesses create email newsletters instantly from their Facebook Page.

Paul Martin, Sr. SEO Specialist, Grainger has worked in the SEO industry since 2010. With a diversified background in SEO, he started at a search agency and moved to an in-house SEO team four years ago to join Grainger, focused on international and local search.

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