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Inside this Case Study:

An industry-leading global hospitality brand improved their YOY traffic and CTR decline when they gained the ability to aggregate 16 months of historical data for all of their 800 site profiles in a single location.

  • Challenge
    Following a migration of 800 site profiles from the brand, there was a decline in the YOY traffic and CTR from organic search. The process to remedy the issue was dauntingly manual.
  • Solution
    Implementing Search Analytics to get a visual of one, cohesive data-set.
  • Approach
    Taking advantage of the on-the-fly reporting and analysis capabilities within the seoClarity platform, the SEO team got to the bottom of their traffic decline.
  • Results
    A deep-dive into the data gave them the insight to address shifting customer behaviors and re-engage their audience.
Hospitality Case Study iPad Cover v1