As the holidays approach, I’m sure plans for your SEO campaigns for 2017 is last on your mind. However, it’s important to plan now and prioritize activities to make most impact in the shortest time to sustain YOY growth based on your KPIs.

Now that I’ve got you focused on work again, there are some metrics to identify that can help set expectations for next year’s SEO KPIs. 

  • Traffic – Based on average client enterprise YOY growth, most brands achieve 20% YOY growth in SEO.
    • This is specific to brands with active SEO programs (they have teams and/or agencies in place and implementation occurs).
  • ROI – While some may say that this is difficult to assess, it’s important to measure and evangelize throughout your organization.
    • Put your keywords where your mouth is!
      • ROI should be based on incremental revenue growth and not total revenue in the channel. Because we know your brand can carry performance for a period of time with minimal effort.
      • Constant YOY measurement from my agency days has found client average 8-1 yearly ROI for incremental revenue based on costs (agency fees, implementation costs, etc.)
        • SEO ROI = costs / YOY incremental revenue

Now that we have some good, broad targets, let’s look at some quick activities that can be completed this month to layout priorities and timelines come January.


Technical Analysis – You need to understand technical site issues that may hinder crawlability. Identify, create, prioritize, and implement solutions to resolve.

  • Common issues: Duplicate content, semantic markup issues or lack thereof, slow page speed, mobile issues and the like
  • Level of effort: 15-20 hours to complete
  • Show me the money: This will improve technical infrastructure to enable improved site crawls and new entry points for users and search engines.
    • This typically provides the highest spike of organic traffic (~25% client YOY traffic growth, 90-days post complete implementation)
  • seoClarity feature: Site Clarity uses the Clarity Crawler to give you a comprehensive view of your entire site. Clarity Crawler is included in every engagement with seoClarity.



SEO / SEM Blended Analysis – Review SEO and SEM side-by-side performance over a period of time to determine impacts in each channel, gaps in coverage and overall performance of both channels.

  • Common approach: Identify keyword and content performance by rank and channel
  • Level of effort: 10-15 hours to complete
  • Why this is important: On average about 90% of SEO traffic and conversions occur when both SEM & SEO have juxtaposed top rankings (for instance, SEO = position 1-3, SEM =position 1 – 1.7) and 80% of SEM traffic, but ~90% of SEM conversions occur in this sweet spot
  • seoClarity feature: PPC vs. Organic within Rank Clarity provides a view of your PPC and Organic keyword performance over time



Off-Page Analysis - To best understand a brand and site’s authority, review your link profile. Analyze high quality links, deep linking, ratio, Trust Flow, Moz Domain score, etc.

  • Common items to review:
    • Identify risky links that point to your site (poor quality and non-relevant links can actually cause more harm to a domain profile) – link disavow is sometimes necessary
    • Look for opportunities to better integrate with PR and ways to best align with business partners (for example sponsorships, branded storefronts and the like)
  • Level of effort: 8-10 hours to complete
  • What’s in it for you: Achieves a cleaner link profile, reduction of risk from links from questionable sites (SEO and brand impact), increase in high quality and high relevancy and fewer low quality links that will boost domain profile. (For instance, 5 Moz points average disavow completion.)
  • seoClarity feature: Backlink profile provides the most comprehensive link profile view and intelligence that integrates the world's largest link index, Majestic.


Several reports and seoClarity platform features can help with your holiday analyses to boost your early 2017 performance. If you don’t have time or aren’t able to prioritize, seoClarity’s Professional Services is available to assist and provide an outside expert point of view and strategy that includes a plan with actionable next steps for your organization. If you are a client and want to get started on your 2017 plan now, contact your Account Manager at Or, if you are new to seoClarity and would like to see a demo of our platform and how these analyses can jump start your SEO traffic or ROI, please send your request here.