Google's answer box is increasingly becoming more and more important for brands. If you aren’t thinking about ways to increase your presence in the answer box and how this opportunity can provide a WIN for your content marketing strategy in 2017, we can help.

seoClarity is the ONLY platform to offer the insights and reporting specifically for answer box. You can identify insights for your content marketing strategies not only based on your own keywords, but your competitors too. The platform also helps you determine a strategy to win this spot. In addition, it helps with insights to enhance your content where you appear already for the answer box.

Why Should the Answer Box Be a Top Priority?

Answer box is the top result in search for nearly 10% (and growing) of the 40 million plus keyword searches on Google we analyzed (you can read more about that here). Google's addition of this space pushes other results down the page regardless of how hard you worked to earn the top rankings for your set of focused keywords. For mobile, we see that the answer box owns a quarter of the screen real estate prior to scrolling. Now, don't you want to own that space and the answer box for the searches that you ARE the authority in?

Here's why it matters:

  • It will effect your click through rate one way or another, whether you're in the answer box or not.
  • This content will drive key brand connections with users, making you the perceived authority.
  • Your competitors are looking at strategies to own the answer box.

(Based on our research in the industry AND our 2,000+ brands using this feature today within seoClarity, we know this should be a priority for your business.)

How Can you Track Success with Answer Box?

Recently, seoClarity launched a new feature within Universal Rank Types that gives your brand insights into what keywords you own the answer box for versus the competition, and the ability to track that success over time.

You can quickly identify opportunities based on the search queries that show the answer box. seoClarity is the ONLY technology platform that includes this insight to help drive your content strategy.

Here's what it does:

  • Shows top ranked pages where you are the most relevant and could optimize to rank there
  • Shows your highest performing keywords
  • Provides insights to inform your content marketing strategy
  • Reports on progress over time where you increased position into the answer box

And There’s More!

With our competitive keyword set of over 150 million, you can quickly search for and find what keywords have an answer box and who owns it now. That research can help to drive marketing efforts and influence your content strategy.

Additionally, seoClarity helps drive your SEO strategies for a number of other universal rank types – images, apps, local listings, news, videos, etc. - similarly to how the insights and reporting described for answer box works.

Find out more about this feature and see a live demo > 

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