What matters most is the success of our clients. Everyone at seoClarity works to ensure that our clients needs are met. Whether that means building new or refined features, delivering insights and value, celebrating the success of client gains, or simply lending support and resources with a issue comes up.

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“Consider us an extension to your SEO team”

Partnering with seoClarity means hiring a new team member with expertise in technology and data. With our seasoned experience, you gain the knowledge from the beginning of enterprise SEO platforms. We have been there since the start: Collected daily rankings for eight years (and counting). Ran audits on sites with over 30 million pages. Helped sites fix technical issues they didn't even know existed. Collectively, our team has witnessed more changes to the SERPs, watched more algorithm changes and studied more data than anyone else in the game. We’ve told countless clients about Google updates before they noticed.

The sum of these experiences and relentless commitment to building and refining our technology has afforded us the ability to truly focus on and influence the success in your marketing efforts.  Each member of our team takes great pride in having the best solution in the world to serve them in their partnerships with the biggest and best brands.


“Our success lies in the relationships we’ve built”

The motto has always been: if two clients request it, we’ll build it.

Since the first company signed into seoClarity, we focused all product development on the needs and pains of digital marketers in driving search visibility.  We ask questions and understand your KPIs to better tell a story with the data and derive insights for your team. Our Client Success team is committed to building a better product through the people who use it. Feature requests, advisory boards, late night drinks in Austin or Tokyo, from the top down we listen to our users and build solutions to solve their complex challenges.


“There are a lot of dots and we help you connect them”

We are really good at driving the most insight and value we can from the data to ensure your acting on the right projects. We focus on learning your business, training (and more training) and ensuring you’re up to date on the latest trends in the digital landscape.

A great product needs to stay afloat in the tides, and the waves of change in consumer behavior and adoption demand constant attention. Often, we refine or rebuild existing features to ensure our clients win the moments that matter with their customers among the trillions of searches each year. The way people search is so sophisticated that daily, even real-time monitoring is necessary to build the right structure and the best content to achieve maximum visibility. seoClarity offers the unique ability to allow companies to “be there” in these moments with their customers and proactively shine the beacon to incoming ships. We work hard to ensure each unique client has a custom experience solely focused on their success.


We help you focus on the end user and delivering the best search experience possible.”

Search Engine Optimization is dead. Our approach focuses on the end user and not chasing the ever changing algorithms. Marketers need to optimize for their customers and their intentions. We believe in Search Experience Optimization, and we have a framework to prove it!

SEO has long been misunderstood and typically even in large enterprises managed in a vacuum. It’s often the last to get full-budget based on its worth (most companies drive 30% or more in revenue through organic search), neglected in the “IT queue”, and even sometimes still viewed as voodoo magic. This isn’t a result of a resistance; it’s due to a lack of education.

For organic search to be successful it requires the support of the village. We work with brands of every vertical and in over 45 countries around the world. We learned a few things about how to successfully democratize and evangelize SEO.  You can count on us to help you educate, petition, validate and grow a holistic search experience program. Then, use seoClarity to prove the results of your efforts and investment to solidify that the 60% of revenue generated by your website wasn’t just “natural”.


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