seoClarity is Ready for “Term Not Provided!”

A Gradual but Sudden Change

It’s been long surmised and evident by the increase of (not provided) over the course of its life that Google would eventually hit 100%. That day has approached much faster than anticipated due to a recent change from Google to push all searches to secure search. Our internal data shows the number of keywords being allocated to Term not provided around an average of 80% (not provided) for a majority of client domains. Third party research from shows that there has been a sharp and sudden increase in the percentage of traffic reported as keyword (not provided) over the last couple of weeks. Based off of multiple sets of data, we see 100% (not provided) happening within the next 30 days.

Not Provided Image 9_30_2013
For most enterprises and agencies, this change has a tremendous impact on the very foundations of SEO reporting, analysis and performance measurement. The seismic shift caused by the loss of ALL keyword level data for organic traffic is understandably causing a fair bit of panic. SEOs everywhere are left with the dire prospect of having to rethink and re-tool something that they have spent years developing and communicating across all levels of the organization.

It’s not the end of the world (at least not for you!)
As the only SEO platform that has consistently focused on page level analytics and content focused SEO since its very inception, we have a tremendous amount of experience and features built to tackle exactly this kind of change. In fact, we have been working over the last year to ensure that once 100% (not provided) hit, our clients would be ready. We’ve been working with some of the best companies, agencies, and SEOs in the world to help develop a completely integrated solution that allows for uninterrupted continuity of your SEO efforts.
Below is a list of several of the innovative solutions we offer to help:

Page Clarity Analysis

Our patent-pending Page Clarity analysis feature allows you to track and measure changes in keyword rankings and its impact on the traffic of a targeted page. This feature is now going to be critical in helping determine if the right keywords are being targeted and if improving the rankings for the keyword yield improvements in traffic and conversions. Jump over to PageClarity and choose any page to see this visualization.

Page Clarity Detail Page Screenshot

The Industry’s Only True Adwords Integration

With the loss of organic search keyword data, a true Adwords integration is the only way to truly estimate the conversions and value of organic traffic. seoClarity’s Adwords integration has been live for the last 9 months and clients who have integrated will automatically start seeing the most accurate estimates of their organic keywords value based on this data. If you haven’t integrated yet, head on over the knowledgebase article on “Integrating Adwords Data” to find out more.

PPC vs. Organic

The most Complete Google Webmaster Tools Integration

Our innovative GWT integration means you can go beyond the 2000 top queries reporting limit, store and analyze data for longer than the default 90 days offered, and gain a deeper understanding of keyword performance at a URL level. This data can be trended along with impressions and CTR to understand performance over time. It can also be tied with your tracked keywords to understand keyword level traffic performance with ranking improvements and analyzed even at a page level to understand which pages are performing for which keywords!
GWT Image 9_30_2013


Page Tags/Groups and Page Tag Tree

The Page Tags feature and the Page Tag Tree provide a robust way to continue reporting on Year over Year performance and provides an apples to apples comparison of performance improvement without needing to rely on keyword specific data. You can rest assured that all your keyword tags analysis can be ported over seamlessly with minimal disruption to using page tag data. Simply contact your Client Success Manager if you need any help.

The Term Not Provided Playbook

With the help of the leadership team, client success team, and our current clients; we have put together a ‘Term not Provided’ playbook which explains in detail how your organization can move from Keyword centric reporting to content (page) centric reporting using our platform!

If you are currently a seoClarity user, you can view a copy of the playbook in our Knowledge Base. If you are not a seoClarity user, but would like to download a copy of the Playbook, click here.

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Mitul Gandhi
Mitul Gandhi
As a longtime data-driven serial entrepreneur, information architect and SEO veteran, Mitul has developed a blend of vast technical expertise and intense marketing insight. His variety of experience, gained in positions in in-house SEO, search marketing, and software development, affords him the ability to efficiently assess how to use software tools to meet challenges and drive ROI. As the Co-Founder and Chief Architect of seoClarity, Mitul currently oversees day-to-day operations, and provides strategic direction to all departments. His well of knowledge includes 10+ years of consulting experience with Fortune 500 and top Internet retailers concerning online search marketing. He has several patents pending for analyzing cause and effect in SEO. Mitul holds an MBA in direct marketing from Rochester Institute of Technology. Additionally, he has spoken at conferences in the United States and the U.K., including SES, SMX and Pubcon. He has also been quoted in MSN Money, USA Today, Time Online, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land and Web Pro News.

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  • Gus

    Hi Mitul,

    Quite useful info. Thanks for sharing!

    Just wondering how do you go beyond the 2000 queries. I’m quite interested in doing some CTR analysis for a time period longer than 90 days for some specific search queries, however I don’t find the way to show more than 500 rows within SEOClarity. Is that something you need to enable from the backend?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Reid Bandremer

    It was interesting learning about you folks at SMX. Something that really intrigues me is how you’re able to get past the 2,000 query limit in GWT. Are you able to provide any insight into that?

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